Breakfast for Dinner or Dessert for Dinner?

Well, don’t worry cause you can have both!

To celebrate the end of the exams I had lunch with my dad in Leuven today, I had to most amazing mushroom tortellini (of anyone has a recipe to make this, you have to share this with me!).

And the celebration continued during dinner, I didn’t really feel like eating “real” food and since it is snowing again I was in the mood for a damping bowl of oatmeal again.

So I had breakfast for dinner… or was it dessert for dinner?
You decide:

Oatmeal with some milka chocolate with daim caramel, chocolate covered nougat and pretzels. Some way to celebrate my regained freedom huh!

Now I’m going to snuggle with the cat on the couch and I’ll probably fall asleep in front of the tv in less than an hour.

Love, M.


6 responses to “Breakfast for Dinner or Dessert for Dinner?

  1. I love Milka with Daim!!!
    The best thing in the world hihi!

  2. That bowl looks delish – I think I have to make it for John! Congrats on school!

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