First Snow and Amaretto

Today we had our first snow this winter, hooray!

I really love those glistening pillow thingies as long as they don’t decide to stay for too long.. and as long as they don’t decide to melt in my socks, that wouldn’t really be appreciated either.

I had an oral exam this afternoon, dealing with that kind of adrenaline and the unavoidable energy crash you get afterwards, combined with the snow and cold, left me thinking of only one thing: Oats!

Spiced oats to be more exact, and biscoff (but not that biscoff spread, cause that stuff is just horrifying, what happened to the crunch?!).

Fluffed up oats with 1 T of amaretto, cinnamon, star anise and 2 biscoff cookies crumbled on top. And don’t forget to stir in the cookies, you won’t regret it, melty biscoff is my latest obsession.

Oh, since you already cracked open a bottle of amaretto, make sure to use it next time you make egg oats as well, it’s divine!

Now I’m going to enjoy the snow,


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