Hang in there, Tiger!

Two more exams, one more week, four more days of studying, one more day of dying at an oral exam… and then I’ll be free once again!

For now I’ll just drink coffee, try to stay awake and sane, swear like a sailor (keep your kids away from me, I’m serious, I might look tiny and cute but stress and sleep deprivation do this to me)…

and eat of course!

In case you’d have some oven grilled cherry tomatoes on spare from the recipe in Thursday’s post (though I’d doubt it) I know the perfect purpose for it:

Oven Grilled Cherry Tomatoes with farfalle pasta
and sauté spinach with pine nuts

Sauté the spinach and the pine nuts in a skilled on high heat in some olive oil while the pasta is cooking. When the pasta is done, add it together with the cherry tomatoes in the skillet. Sprinkle some olive oil on top right before serving.

Another highlight:

The best breakfast I had this week: Pur Natur blueberry yoghurt with quinoa cooked in soymilk, walnuts, flax seeds and rice flakes.

And the best part of this week: Monday it’s Daphne’s birthday and I’m going to try a new chocolate cake recipe to celebrate it.




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