Thank God!

Since I’m currently studying a religious course I am totally allowed to use God’s name in vain, so here it goes:

Thank God for…

1. Decadent Bowls of Oatmeal

Fluffy Oats with vanilla pudding (for the Dutch people around, not really pudding but vanille vla), crunchy peanut butter and Jordans nut granola.

2. Running in the pouring rain: hurricane winds and soaking wet socks included. My mind never felt so clear and a hot shower never felt so great!

3. Sweet Potatoes with Peanut Butter or Greek Yoghurt as a quick and satisfying lunch

4. Pizza to combat post oral exam stress: pizza hawai with extra mozzarella, home-made with the mum!

5. Being in Leuven again:enjoying some time alone, the peace and quiet and most of all enjoying being able to take a Yoga Class for the first in three weeks.

6.Crunchy Peanut butter to lift the spirits

7. Staying away from chocolate for almost a week now and feeling less ‘yucky’

8. The cat that high-jacked my lap to sleep on, because she hadn’t seen me in a couple of days

‘I’m sorry mum, I can’t *insert chore here*, Mona is sleeping on my lap’

Love, M.


2 responses to “Thank God!

  1. Mmm decadent oatmeal and crunchy peanut butter. Two of the best! And I’m glad you’re feeling less “yucky” 🙂

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