More Monsters

Whether they’re green or not, I’ve been on a real smoothie kick lately.

Smoothies are great brain food. They are light so they won’t leave you feeling all sleepy and they are packed with all sorts of goodies to keep you in top shape.

Some new things I’ve tried these last couple of weeks:

  • All fruit smoothies: think lost of kiwis, grapes and lychees
  • New types of greens to add into the smoothies: I’ve been hooked on lamb’s lettuce smoothies these last months but I also found back my first love: spinach. And a new green to end this list: zucchini!
  • Toppings: I’ve always enjoyed nuts and seeds (think flax, almonds, sunflower seeds) but you have to promise me to try rice krispies in your smoothies, or as a topping on anything really cause rice krispies are amazing!

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet but I have a thing for rice krispies lately.
Bet you couldn’t tell it by the view of this bowl though, cause this is a moderate topping portion, obviously 😉

I also gave juicing a try this week, I started with spinach with a couple of grapes to give it a sweet extra, but this didn’t really convince me. Maybe I should add some kiwi next time?

Juice experiments: not bad, not great either…

Smoothie art: yoghurt swirl

But you don’t have to worry, my mum baked a chocolate cake so I’m balancing out all those fruits and veggies which just the right amount of cocoa!!

Love, M.


4 responses to “More Monsters

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a green smoothie but I have a really wimpy blender and I’m not sure it would actually blend spinach!

    • Then you should really try one with lamb’s lettuce, it’s much ‘softer’ (which isn’t really the right word to refer to veggies I guess 😉 but it blends better), or use some frozen spinach which is already in smaller pieces (although this doesn’t taste as great)

  2. Smoothie power! 😀

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