Update In Photographs


Today’s outfit (sweat pants, fluffy house shoes and a long, warm poncho) tells it all…my life has been pretty uninteresting lately I don’t really have exciting tales to tell, I haven’t even prepared food for a few days… just studying, studying and sleeping (and dealing with sinusitis, brilliant timing by the way! ;)).

I did snap some photographs every now and then so I’d thought I’d share these instead.

This is where it all happens…
It’s called ‘organised chaos’

Postponing at it’s finest:

Brain Fuel:

Green monster with extra banana, lamb’s lettuce, grapes and cinnamon. Topped with flax seeds, shredded almonds and rice krispies.

Comfort drinking:

My mum bought me the cutest little teapot!

Lady Bugs!

We keep coming across lady bugs in my mum’s new house,
Mona doesn’t mind though 😉

Love, M.


2 responses to “Update In Photographs

  1. really, if you think your desk is chaotic…you should see mine 😀

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