Dealing with Leftover Christmas Chocolates

If your house is anything like ours you are now confronted with an abundance of chocolate and candy leftovers.
You have to deal with it whenever you open a cabinet, the fridge (cause Belgian pralines have to be kept in the fridge), they even haunt you when you enter the kitchen cause all the counter tops are filled with tempting chocolaty stuff.

So I came up with some solutions to make all those temptations go away and thought of some ways to make use of all those goodies, which do not involve me eating chocolate until I feel like I could explode.

1. Melt the chocolate treats and use them to make hot cocoa.

‘Make every day a happy day’! Drink Hot Cocoa

2. Use it to bake: chocolate treats are great to use in cookies, if it’s just chocolate without any filling you can even use it as a substitute for chocolate when making chocolate cake.

3. Use them as toppings for yoghurt or oatmeal

4. Melt everything together and create your own bars

5. Make one super treat with pudding and all kinds of chocolate/cookies/cake/candy you have lying around

Soy pudding with a couple of rolos, a chocolate drizzled macaron, chocolate with speculoos filling and a praline with citrus crème to top things off.

6. Make some toast and melt the chocolate on top

Love, M.


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