Food Shopping

One of our family traditions is to go food shopping on the 24th of December to make sure we have enough yummy stuff in the house for Christmas eve and Christmas.

Another tradition we have is trying to make Mona wear this Christmas hat, as you can see she doesn’t like it one bit!

This year it we’ll be just the three of us for Christmas and I’m in charge of the Christmas Eve menu: I’m going to make lots of little snacks (like a tapas style dinner) and bread and cheese.
I also made sure we bulked up on yummy and nutritious foods to help me get thought the 3 weeks of studying that lay before me.

I love food shopping around Christmas time cause the shops are full of special and festive foods, today I saw so much fruit I never even heard about and don’t get me started on all the chocolate treats we came across…


Tomorrow I’m preparing artichoke for the first time

We got this raspberry jelly in a gift back and it’s my new addiction!

Enjoy Christmas Eve!
Love, M. 


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