How not to wrap your Christmas Gifts

I love buying presents!

I love finding out exactly what would suit a certain person, I love buying strange and personal stuff, I love adding notes to the things I hand out (which sometimes turn into full-blown novellas) and I always have to add some chocolate, that’s a rule.

Christmas Chocolate!!

I don’t believe in expensive gifts and gift bons, it’s fine if that’s what you like and if that’s what you do, but it’s just not me.
To me the presents for people I truly care about have to be creative and personal. They can be small, they can be ugly, they can not even be worth a penny… all of that doesn’t matter as long as they are meaningful they are great.

The only sad thing is that I really suck in wrapping presents. Not having any gift wrapping paper at hand this year only made things worse…

I did what I could with old magazines and posters but it is still not very pretty…
Have a guess which gift was professionally wrapped? πŸ˜‰

More Christmas Chocolate

You know how there are people who claim they like giving presents more than they like actually getting them… well, I’m not one of those people!
I think both giving presents and receiving them are equally enjoyable.
That’s also why I decided to buy myself a little something as well while I was Christmas shopping.

Good luck gift wrapping, I hope you’ll do a better job than I did!
Love, M.Β 


4 responses to “How not to wrap your Christmas Gifts

  1. I love your idea to wrap it with old magazine or a poster! Creative and unconventional:)

  2. Ohhh Dylan Thomas. So cool! I must say though that I found him through listening/being obsessed with Bob Dylan. Do you happen to listen to his music too? Because that would be so awesome!

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