Music For Life

At this very moment I should be getting my flow on in an awesome yoga class, but karma definitely is not on my side today. I waited for 45 minutes, while it was snowing, for a bus that decided not to show.
So I went back to my apartment when I couldn’t possibly make it in time for yoga any more and now I’m eating soup and writing this post instead.

I had the craziest day actually, I saw Snow Patrol this afternoon!

You know, like really saw them play… like live!
(I’m still very impressed by it, as you can see ;))

Studio Brussel, an important Belgian radio station, is hosting Music For Life this week, a solidarity action to raise money to prevent diarrhoea, which is the number one cause of child death in the world.
This is how Music For Life works: three of their presenters get locked up in a house of glass(they were in Leuven till this night), they are only allowed to drink juice and people can request songs and donate money for the song they’d like to hear. There are also loads and loads of other fund-raising events: people sell things, people auction things, they run/walk/bike and get people to sponsor them, they take of their cloths for charity… you name it, they do it!

If you’d like to know more about Music For Life, visit this site (it is in Dutch, but at least you get to take a look at the photographs and videos so you can imagine what it all should look like).

But now about Snow Patrol, every couple of hours they also have a band that comes to play on the stage on top of the glass house and today at noon that band was Snow Patrol (Saturday night they had Elbow, but I wasn’t in town yet back then, such a pity!!).

They were so nice and funny, as you can see in the video they were willing to sign a girl’s cd, but she couldn’t throw it unto the stage and then Gary offered to give her a new one, cause it was his fault her cd got ruined!
After that I  went to have a drink with a friend and it was such fun, it felt really ‘Christmasy’ . Such a nice and surreal way to relax a bit before the exams start, now I’m on my way back  to reality as I’m going to study some English literature, hope your day was magical as well!

Love, M.


4 responses to “Music For Life

  1. Thats really cool! I used to be a fan of Snow Patrol but I can’t say I know any of their newer stuff. Good luck studying!

  2. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I love snow patrol – my favorite band! You are very lucky to see them playing live 🙂

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