Some Ginger Tea to call my Own

I decided to make things less pricy for myself (and my parents, they are the ones that provide me with my food budget after all) and brew my own ginger tea instead of buying a cup every now and then. (I actually stole the idea from Lexie, who posted a cup of ginger tea a couple of posts ago).

You can do the math: instead of buying a cup of ginger tea for 3 euros (so expensive, but it tastes so good) I now bought some ginger (3 pieces to be exact) for 1.39 euros. Even if I could only make one cup of tea out of that, it would still be beneficial!Granted, I don’t get to drink it out of a lovely take away cup, but you can’t have it all .

The first try went pretty well, just cut op the ginger, cut it in small pieces and place the pieces in a tea sift. I added some honey to it as well. It wasn’t spicy enough just yet, so next time I’m going to add a bit more ginger, but taste-wise it is definitely pretty close to the stuff I used to buy.
I only used 1/3 of that really small ginger trunk that is hiding underneath the other two on the photograph shown above, so it is much cheaper for sure!

Here’s what I had for lunch, it has absolutely nothing to do with ginger or tea at all, but I wanted to show it to you guys anyway 😉

Mushrooms and zucchini, sautéed in some olive oil with added soy and brown rice, sprinkled with soy sauce.
So that’s that, I’m back off the enjoy my tea and then I’m going to change for a yoga class, namaste!

Love, M.

4 responses to “Some Ginger Tea to call my Own

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    What a vegan lunch you had! 😀
    Actually I have never bought a ginger tea, I always make my own. I even don´t know whether I have ever seen ginger tea being offered somewhere 🙂

    • Wow I’m being vegan without even noticing 😉 I didn’t even know you could have ginger in tea until I saw it at a café, and I definitely didn’t knew you could make it yourself until I saw Lexie’s post (I thought it would be a lot more fuzz, but it’s so easy)

  2. Home made ginger tea is so much better than the old bag! :/ I suffer from Celiac disease and am lactose intolerant, so anything to sooth the stomach and dairy-free and i’m there with bells on!

    • It is much better indeed 🙂 Ow, sorry to hear you suffer from Celiacs, must be hard, but it’s a good thing you can still enjoy ginger tea, it would be apity if you couldn’t have that!

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