On Decisions and Regret

I’m one of those people who can’t decide.
Whether it’s what I want to wear , where I want to go for lunch or what subject I’d like to major in…I’m having a hard time making decisions!

I’m mostly bothered by ruling things out. I like to keep my options open, which shows in my school decisions: My main courses in high school were Latin and Maths in order to keep both language and science options open for college, now I’m studying languages but it isn’t really a job that I’m studying for (not like fe a dentist or a nurse, when you choose to study those things you’re pretty sure what your  job will look like in a couple of years).

To cross or not to cross?!

I’m getting better at making small decisions, which is also influenced by the fact that most of my friends are having difficulty choosing as well. One of us has to choose eventually and it turns out I have to most back bone (or am the least patient, that’s an option too), so making decisions when on the road with friend has become more natural to me.
I am however still having trouble finding out what I want to do with my life and whether I’m ready to sacrifice some of my independence and settle down a bit.

I found out that most of the time I don’t regret the things I do, but I always regret the things I don’t do.
Combine this with difficulty making decisions and it’s pretty obvious that avoiding making decisions mostly leads to not doing things, which results into regret…

But now I decided that I won’t have that anymore: I’m going to work on getting out of my comfort zone, on doing impulsive things and I am going to learn to make decisions.

So feel free to join me as I’m trying to start living my life
instead of overthinking it!

Love, M.


8 responses to “On Decisions and Regret

  1. I agree with you, I tend to overthink my decisions and then act conservatively because its safer or easier. Overall I think it shows that we care about what we’re doing in life and how our decisions affect people around us but of course when I look back at decisions I’ve made, I do wish I’d “lived” a little more. Good luck with your decisions- they’re never easy!

  2. Love this post. When you are following your dream, you will have this to look back on and it will make you smile. Makes me wish I had a blog in college!
    I used to always have a lot of regret because I’m very sentimental by nature – why didn’t I do this or I wish I had done that – and then I realized I wouldn’t have the life I have without all my choices. Whatever decisions you are making, you are amazing!

    • Aww thank you dear!This reply made my day!!You have a good point there: all the decisions you once made add up to the person you are now but I don’t know whether this makes me feel better about deciding things or even more scared to ‘rule out things’ 😉

  3. I need to adopt this kind of attitude too! Thank you for the encouragement lady

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