Tomorrow it’s Sinterklaas.

The good kids in Belgium (and in a lot of other European countries) get candy and treats from Sinterklaas, that is the way he celebrates his birthday (in case you wondered: he turns 1741 this year ;)).

Still looking pretty good for his age

The great thing about the Sinterklaas figure is that practically every land in Europe has their own version of him with their own habits to celebrate his birthday, but in Belgium we celebrate it like this:

On the evening of the fifth of December (tonight!) we place one of our shoes and we lay something with it: a carrot or a lump of sugar for Sinterklaas’ horse, a drawing for Sinterklaas… I even had a friend who would give a beer to ‘zwarte piet’ (he is Sinterklaas ‘ helper) and a Duvel for Sinterklaas.

So tonight Sinterklaas visits all the houses (he travels on the rooftops with his horse) and enters the houses via the chimney (or via the door, he has a magic key that can open all doors). When the kids in the house have been good they get chocolate and sweets and little presents!

Obviously I’ve been a good kid 😉

We always used to get tangerines, chocolates, peanuts, marshmallow covered with chocolate and gemauve.

So maybe you should place your shoes somewhere in sight tonight, you might get lucky and get some treats!

Love, M.


4 responses to “Sinterklaas

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Tangerines and peanuts are the classic here as well 😀 That´s really nice tradition with the shoe, carrot and sugar!

  2. I love this (and totally wouldn’t mind finding chocolates in my shoe tomorrow morning 😛 )! I always used to leave carrots out for Santa’s reindeer on x-mas eve as well.

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