Vibrams and Hotspots

I wanted to wait to write a post until this afternoon so I could boast a bit about my new running shoes…

I was going to buy Vibrams (or actually, my mum and dad were going to give them to me for my birthday) but when I entered the store the salesperson looked at my feet and said ‘We have them yeah, but we don’t sell them in small sizes’. Turns out they only have them for men and only in the big sizes , he could order other sizes but he wouldn’t take the risk of letting me order a pair without actually fitting them, so no Vibrams for me…not yet anyway!

For the first entry in the December Hotspot series I’d like to talk about my favourite coffee places:

Mont Cafe
Life’s too short to drink bad coffee 

For a quick caffeine fix I like to go to Mont Cafe (they don’t have a site anymore but you can find them on facebook if you’re interested).

We don’t have a Starbucks in Leuven (that’s  blasphemy, I know), but even if we had one I’d probably like Mont Cafe better: it’s just much smaller and cosier and they are more creative (exhibit A: look at that monkey on the cup!).

I really like their ginger tea and their lattes (indian spiced latte!) and Daphne is very fond of their hazelnut hot cocoa (which tastes like Nutella). And then I haven’t even talked about their cookies, they sell great oatmeal cookies .

De Werf

De Werf is a very cosy café, especially during the Winter when you can still sit outside under heaters and fluffy blankets.

When you order a hot cocoa you get warm milk and real chocolate slivers to melt in your milk. They have a lot of  tea varieties (that’s mint tea on the photograph, I adore their lavender tea) and with every hot drink you get a ‘prinsekoek’ (prince cookies of petit lu).

De Werf is also renowned for its chocolate cake (I’ve talked about it on the blog a gazillion times already but it still couldn’t hurt to post that photograph again right ;)) they also sell great bio ice cream, tiramisu, fruit salads and petit beurre cake!Very cosy and very yummy!

So, if you ever visit Leuven and feel the sudden urge for some coffee or tea, you know where to go!

On a side note: there are some new photographs on the Tumblr, feel free to visit 😉

Love, M.


9 responses to “Vibrams and Hotspots

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Both places look so good! I would like some prince cookies and hot cocoa now 🙂 I also enjoy small cafes much more than overcrowded places like Starbucks..
    I am sorry you couldn´t get those vibrams, but at least the reason was your feet were too small. It would be much worse if the salesperson had told you something like: “We have them, but not THAT big” 😀

  2. really small feet and big feet are always forgotten about! i couldn’t get vibrams for the same reason! 😐 i like their motto; life is too short for bad coffee. mmm, that cake looks heavenly by the way…

    • It’s not fair! I actually don’t have really small feet but vibrams aren’t really big in Belgium yet, they only have them in one store in my surroundings and the owner only has them for guys so he starts out from a 40 (european sizes) and I have a 38.

  3. Vibrams for the win! 😀 What made you decide to switch? And I can’t believe they don’t have the tiny girl sizes! Could you do them through Amazon in Belgium?

    • I really have to do something about my stride otherwise I am going to get shin splints soon, and I heard great things about vibrams. I probably could get them through Amazon, but isn’t it risky buying them without trying them on?

      • AARGH! Sorry, I misunderstood – I thought he measured but wouldn’t order different sizes for you to try. I’m sorry to hear you have full blown shin splits – I’ve heard those are awful! And I swear by my veebs but yeah, sizing is most definitely an issue – if you are in between sizes you definitely have to try them on and even if you are the smallest size, it’s still nice to try on the next size up. Amazon might let you return them but you still need the measurement on that foot thingy they have at the store! I hope he changes his mind and orders them for girls – I’m so surprised they only have the boy ones.

      • I don’t have shin splints yet but my shins are definitely acting up and I want to do something about it before it’s too late, apparently there’s another store in the Netherlands that’s quite near where they sell them, so I’ll try there first, if there is no way of getting them here ‘the normal way’ I’m going to have a look on Amazon.

  4. You photographed all of my favorite comfort foods: hot herbal tea and chocolate cake! Mm-mm!

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