Flow: On Art Journaling

One of the ways to deal with your thoughts and emotions talked about in Flow Magazine is art journaling.

Art journaling is an alternative way of keeping a journal, unlike a ‘normal’ journal you don’t just write entries about your day but you do something creative with it: you draw, paint, paste in things… and write stuff in there as well.

An example of pages of an art journal by Elizabeth Titus

Art journaling shares a lot of characteristics with mindfulness, you pay attention to your own experiences and at the same time take some distance from them by drawing and writing about it.

Unlike mindfulness though, art journaling is not about the present but about the past. One of the pitfalls of staying mindful and creating an art journal is that you might live your day with the sole purpose of creating a nice entry about or only pay attention to the things you go through in the perspective of ‘How could I journal about this’. In Flow Magazine they compare it to tourists taking heaps and heaps of photographs of stuff only to come home, look at the photographs and realize they never even took the time to enjoy those things they photographed in real life (blogging can be like this too if you’re not careful!).

It sounds like such a great idea to document your life while at the same time boosting your creativity. Art journaling also gives you an opportunity to look at your life from a different perspective which can make it easier to process things.
Too bad I can’t draw, I’m more a cut and paste girl, but I think I might give it a try anyway and make it more like a collage.

Another way of keeping a journal without using the conventional diary form  is the ‘one line a day format’ in which you keep a journal by writing down one line a day (hence the name ;)). Apparently that one sentence can be the key to a lot of memories if you do it right.

Love, M.

3 responses to “Flow: On Art Journaling

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I like the idea of writing just one line a day, it doesn´t sound that time consuming as a normal journal 😀 However I love journals, it is a great way of preserving memories and sorting things out.
    Collages are also great, a lot of peopla who can´t/are affraid/don´t want to paint or draw actually make wonderful collages and you can learn a lot about a person from a collage they made.

    • I always make excuses when I’m writing a ‘real’ journal, I write every day for a week and then I can’t be bothered any more so the one line a day thing is a great solution to that. I can’t draw even if my life depended on it so I stick with collages (it makes me feel like a kid again: cutting and riping and pasting :D)

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