On Neglecting Cottage Cheese

Dear Cottage Cheese,

I’m so sorry I forgot all about you…
I was so caught up boasting about the creaminess of Greek yoghurt and the tartness of kefir, and how good these two taste combined with granola and cinnamon and, not to forget, chocolate!
Good thing you drew my attention again, I’m glad to have you back in my life!

I forgot how great you taste with kiwi fruit and how much I liked putting you on salads.

I forgot about the time I couldn’t eat a single cracker without having at least some cottage cheese on it. Or just forget about the crackers, I’d eat you straight out of the container any day!

I forget about crazy combinations: cottage cheese and avocado (which is surprisingly good), cottage cheese with dried fruits and , the all time favourite, cottage cheese and jelly.

Please forgive me,
Please take me back, I promise I’ll never leave you for Greek yoghurt ever again (or at least not for long).

Love, M.


3 responses to “On Neglecting Cottage Cheese

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I love cottage cheese mixed with strawberry jam! The kiwi combination sounds also tasty. And avocado, mmmhhh – you really make a lot of interesting and great meals 🙂 Enjoy your cottage cheese and please, don´t forget about it anymore 😀

  2. We ate cottage cheese in Russia and it was the second time in my life I had done so – it was farm fresh and so rich, I’ve never eaten anything quite like it. I would really like to try it with avocado – such a great, filling combo!

    • It must be really great being able to eat it fresh and in Russia (I’m still soooo jealous you visited Russia ;)), it’s very good with avocado, texture wise as well as taste wise 🙂

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