Focusing on yoga and meditation this week really has done miracles for my energy levels, my mood and my attitude.

This morning, I woke up feeling really energised and  focused even though I only had 5 hours of sleep.
My body doesn’t do sleeping in, not even when it’s been partying till 3 and danced all night long and had a couple of drinks: 7 am it is, thank you very much  bio rhythm.

I tried to force myself to sleep some more, but after dozing another hour or so I just had to wake up and get things going.

Fluffy and overflowing oats, and you can take that last part quite literally 😉
Good thing I was just in time to prevent it from spilling all over the microwave 

The best breakfast I’ve had in ages: fluffy oats with blueberries, cinnamon and honey, topped with some granola and some soy milk. Such a great way to start your day.

After breakfast I decided to go for a coffee, to compensate for the missed hours of sleep. Once in the coffee shop I went with the Ginger Tea instead of coffee.

If been wanting to try this for ages, but I’m always having a hard time in coffee places, so much delicious options!

There was actually real ginger in there, no strange flavours supplements or stuff. I loved the contrast of the ginger and the honey, definitely will get this again.

Now for an unrelated question: I’ve noticed that I’ve almost passed my upload limit on wordpress (woooops) now I was wondering: If I delete files in my media library will they still be visible in the posts that are already published, or will they disappear there as well?? Any suggestions??

Love, M.


8 responses to “Energised

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Ginger tea is one of my favorite flavours! Yay, you really got an overflowing breakfast 🙂 Actually my morning oats exploded in the microwave a couple of times, good thing I don´t have the microwave anyomore 😀
    I am the same, no matter when I go to sleep, I always wake up at the same time. It is nice and I don´t need an alarm-clock 🙂
    Regarding your “unrelated question” – I have been wondering about the same thing, so I am curious whether anyone knows the answer 😀

    • It’s the first time I tried it and it’s my favourite from now on!! How I hate exploding oats, such a mess. I did a quick test, I deleted 2 pictures of the oriental rice post (the mangetouts and the first picture of rice) and I can still see them, so as long as you guys can still see them I think they’ll stay in the posts 😉

  2. I cannot really help with your unrelated question but can assure you that the more yoga you do, the less sleep you need. For advanced yogis staying in an ashram type of environment it’s not unusual to only sleep four hours per night. The asanas and particularly the pranayama (breathing exercises) boost the energy level! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. I love ginger, especially in tea. I have this ginger peach tea thats so great!

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