Make Every Day Worthwhile: Part 2

Take an internet break
Sing along to a song on the radio
Buy someone a present
Embrace your creativity

Redecorate your room
Plan a holiday
Paint your toenails
 Buy new make-up

Read old dairies
Take a hot shower and spend the rest of the day in your pjs
Visit a bookshop
 Take some time to bake a breakfast

Speak up, say what’s on your mind
Take a yoga class
Make hot cocoa with marshmallows
Don’t be too much of a perfectionist

Go to the movies in the afternoon
Take your little niece/nephew to a play ground and play along
Take a day off, take some ‘me-time’
Visit a candy shop


Call old friends
Read a book


3 responses to “Make Every Day Worthwhile: Part 2

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Great ideas, especially books, bookshops, baking, creativity, yoga…those things can make any day feel special 🙂 I wish make-up could make me feel good, it would be so easy…but I am not much into make-up 🙂

    • Small things are able to really make your day! I love wearing mascara or eye liner some days, they give me an immediate confidence boost!

      • Lenna (veganlenna)

        I used to be a mascara addict! I wore it all the time and had quite a collection of mascaras of various colours, forms and labels. Now I wear it amybe twice a year 😀 However I think I will start wearing it again in the future, now I am just in a phase of my life when nice eyelashes don´t mean that much to me 🙂 But I agree about the confidence boost!

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