Mindfulness and Flow

A couple of weeks ago we talked about meditation (I still owe you a post on  mini-meditations by the way) but in the meantime I’d also like to address a subject that’s intricately intertwined with this subject: Mindfulness.

This week I came across  ‘Flow’s Mindfulness doeboek’.
is a Dutch magazine, which publishes 8 amazing issues per year.
It has an amazing vibe to it, great life lessons, interesting articles and marvellous pictures, patterns, images…
The whole magazine is just a work of art.

The cover of last week’s Flow

With lots glitter and lots of goodies: gift paper and Christmas cards, a notebook and stickers

Lots of beautiful stuff
I’m particularly fond of the photographs they use 

Anyway, they published a spin-off, a do-book full of articles about mindfulness and tips and tricks. I’ll be introducing some of those topics on the blog.

The first post will be about mindfulness and eating, because that’s something I’m still struggling with and thought it might be useful to look at a couple of tips to make this easier.

Love, M.


One response to “Mindfulness and Flow

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Look like a pretty cool magazine! Much better than some kind of Cosmo-anything 🙂

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