Versatile Blogger Award

So I’m still totally blown away by this: today A.S.J. Ellis from The Elaborate Spinning Machine Is His Head (on a side note: you have to check out his blog for some of the most amazing short stories you’ll ever read in your entire life!).

According to the ‘rules’ I shall now tell you 7 random things about myself and nominate 15 other bloggers.

So here it goes:

1. I have major commitment issues
2. I like to act like a six-year-old
3. I don’t like surprise parties
4. Even though I’m in college, I’m not much of a drinker (as in: 2 glasses of wine and you can carry me home)
5. When I was 5 I wanted to be called ‘Cindy’, I absolutely loathed Maxime
6. I want to learn Russian some day
7. Even though I studied maths in high school, I hated it and already knew from age 12 that my destiny was in languages not in science

And now for the 15 other blogger that totally deserve some a lot of your attention:

1. I Only Wear Dresses
Mehnaz is the sweetest person I know in cyber space. She’s so focused and has such great ways of achieving her goals (she’s my running role model and one of my inspirations to start my own blog). She posts lovely recipes and logs about her day to day life and on top of that she has the cutest bulldog pup!

2. Vegan Lenna
I’ve only recently discovered her blog  but she’s such a warm and caring person and always ready to give great tips, thanks Lenna!

3. Aaron Leaman
I absolutely adore his photography, his style is so unique, every post he does amazes me. Go check out his photographs, I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.

4. The Breakfast Bachelor
He blogs about breakfast, what’s not to like?!
No, seriously, I really like his style of writing and it kind of makes me feel like living in the city of my dreams as well 🙂

5. Oh Shine On
Katie is such an inspiring person, her story about getting over her ED and getting her shine back really moved me. Now she’s able to enjoy life and food again, and it shows in her blogging: she posts recipes of the most decadent desserts known to mankind, every time I visit her blog, I end up drooling all over my laptop.

6. Cravings Gone Clean
Another drool-worthy recipe blog, special about this one is that all the recipes featured look super decadent (dessert for breakfast anyone?!) but they’re super healthy at the same time.

7. In My Good Books
A blog about great books with some awesome reviews on them. I get my inspiration for my ‘have to read lists’ from this blog.

8. Healthier Happier Jeffie
Jeffie is a great girl who writes lovely posts and takes beautiful photographs, she never ceases to amaze me. Her philosophy that everyone can create a healthy life style with dedication, support and a positive attitude is really inspiring.

9. Xandre Verkes
Beautiful photographs in the beautiful setting of South-Africa.

10. The Flying Onion
Sarah’s blog was one of the first ‘healthy lifestyle’ blogs I ever read, so obviously she’s been my great blogging example. I adore everything about her blog: her style, the photographs, the recipes, her commitment and that warm family feeling she always seems to convey through her posts.

11. The Moveable Feasts
One of my favourite recipe blogs, I love to browse through it for inspiration and the pictures are always so pretty and make you want to re-create whatever is featured asap.

12. Running the Windy City
Lindsay is a girl with a passion for food and for running (and a great heart for animals and people as could be read in her previous posts). She’s one of the people I could definitely be friends with if I met them in real life.

13. My Perfect Imbalanced Life
Lexie describes herself as a life blogger and teaches us not everything has to be absolutely perfect. When I read her introductory page I was blown away be all that writing talent, and I still am every time I read another post of her.

14. Tea and Beer in Burlington
These two girl are really talented and passionate about what they do. I also really like the lay out of their blog.

15. Lemony Snippet
Just because she’s so witty and funny, I always enjoy reading her entries

Now go check out these blogs immediately and love them as much as I do! 😉
Another thanks to A.S.J. Ellis for his super kind words (and his amazing short stories that keep my amused every day).

Love, M.


14 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Oh, thank you so much! You are a super lovely person, are you aware of that? 🙂
    Also thanks for such a great blogs recommendations, my Google Reader will be over-stuffed! 🙂

  2. Wow! I am so flattered. Thank you 🙂 And I am the same way about drinking, it makes me soo sleepy! One or two glasses of wine or beer and I’m done.

  3. Maxime! Thank you – this inspires me to keep going and just brightens my day so much! You are one of the sweetest and most talented photographers out there and to be called a “running role model” by you is flattering and kind.

  4. Hey, thank you for nominating me – you’ve put a smile on my face! I’ll be checking out some of your other nominees for inspiration. 🙂

  5. Aw shucks, this really made my day! Thank you! Your photographs are extraordinary and you’re very kind.

  6. Thank you so much for the mention/nomination! It really made my day. I’ve actually never heard of this before, but it looks fun!

  7. You are the loveliest! Thank you for making my day by nominating me for this award. I can’t wait to share some random facts while nominating some other bloggers. THANK you! 😀

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