World changing Lunch Discoveries

Nothing will ever be the same after today’s lunch.
Everything seemed like just another normal day in lunch land until suddenly these three new discoveries turned everything up side down.

1. Tangerines and avocado make a perfect combo, who knew?!
2. The quest for an easy, quick and filling salad topping/snack/side can be ceased at last! Lo and behold: Quick Chickpea Patties.
3. Cinnamon straciatella kefir, need I say more…

‘Quick Chickpea Patties’
makes 5 mini patties or 2 big ones 

  • 5 T of canned chickpeas, rinsed
  • 1 T of flax seeds
  • a splash of olive oil
  • pepper, nutmeg, salt, curry, paprika powder, garlic
And now for the super easy part: put everything together and mash or blend everything together. Consistency-wise it’s all up to you.
Fry in a skillet on high until the edges are crunchy.
Salad topping today, snack tomorrow… ready to conquer the world next week !

I was in the mood for a little something treat-like after lunch so I made some straciatella, with kefir of course (seems like this might be a new addiction in the make).

Kefir, cinnamon and dark chocolate, simple as that.

If you’re feeling more like having something sweet I’d recommend adding some sweetener or use milk chocolate (or just don’t use kefir, it is a bit sour tasting, nothing to do about it).
Personally,I thought the clash between the sour kefir, the bitter -sweet chocolate and the spicy cinnamon was spot on.
Love, M.

3 responses to “World changing Lunch Discoveries

  1. Yumm that sounds like a an excellent salad topper! And you are right, kefir is a bit sour tasting, but chocolate helps to alleviate that 🙂

  2. Healthy Falafel! Making this IMMEDIATELY!

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