Miscellaneous Mondays

Today was a grey day, the first day the weather resembled more like an Autumn-almost-Winter day rather than a Spring-almost-Autumn day.

It was nice for a change though, some gloomy weather rather suits my mood.
And you don’t always need sunshine to bring some rays of light into your life!Today’s rays of light:

1. The Perfect Avocado

This avocado was the perfect base for a messy sandwich for lunch:

2. Kefir 

I was a bit disappointed by the textured. I’d read it was more like a drink, but thought everyone was just exaggerating and it was like a rather liquid yoghurt… nope, it is definitely more like a drink!
That’s where stubbornness comes in: I still ate it with a spoon and granola in it, just like any other yoghurt.
Very yummy, very tangy.

3. A 60-cent-cappuccino from the fair trade coffee machine during English literature

4. Strawberries

Nothing exclaims ‘Sunshine!’ more than strawberries.

5. The expiry date on the bag of lamb’s lettuce

That’s my birthday!
It’s all about the small things 😉

6. First Yoga Class Ever

This was great for a couple of reasons. First of all I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something unexpected.
I tried to talk myself out of it all afternoon, telling myself it rained, I didn’t know the location so probably would end up getting out at the wrong bus stop, probably would be crappy at yoga any way… but I dragged myself out of my room and went for it and I’m so glad I did.

It was such a great class and really nice people.
I love how I feel right now, like I’m made out of elastics (my legs and lower back feel amazing) but also energized, ready to conquer the world (or at least deal with it).
And they hand out free tea, definitely going back to that place!

7. Friendly bus drivers who help people find the place they need to be

8. Amazing Mascara

My mum’s aunt give this to her, she used it once and didn’t like it (she gives away a lot of make-up/perfume she buys and eventually doesn’t like… I’m not complaining though, especially since it’s all Dior and Chanel and stuff).
At first I didn’t want to use it because its smell and texture was awful, it looked like it never would get of without using a steel brush, but as soon as it was on, I fell in love.

My lashes are gigantic!
Extremely long and very,very black and people noticed so go buy this mascara right away!
Too bad it’s a really expensive brand of mascara…

Love, M.


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