Food for Thought

Some types of food just seem intertwined with certain moment and events in our lives, here are some of the foods that always succeed to bring back memories for me:

I can’t see speculaas, tangerines and gemauves without thinking of ‘Sinterklaas’.

Croissants remind me of Sunday mornings when I was little.
My dad would always go to the Baker’s on Sundays and my sister and I would wake up to the smell of freshly baked croissants and coffee.

Milky Ways Crispy Rolls always make me think back to the Christmas weekend we spent at the seaside last year.


Vanilla jenever reminds my of sleepovers at my grandma’s when I was a kid.
I was always allowed to have one tiny glass of jenever and I would feel all grown up and very important,having a sip every now and then.

Two dishes that also remind me of my nana are spinach puree and stewed meat with my nana’s secret sauce. I don’t eat the latter any more since I’m a vegetarian now, but it used to be my request dish every time we ate dinner there.

Sushi brings back memories from our trip to London last year, where I ate sushi for the first time.

I ate Panini for the first time on a school trip to Italy, in my last year of secondary school. Every time I eat it now it brings back a lot of beautiful memories.

Waffles and whipped cream remind me of coming home from elementary school and having waffles and hot cocoa with whipped cream when it was really cold outside.

Liquorice reminds me of that winter a couple of years ago,when we would sit by the fireplace every evening and eat liquorice coins.

What kind of food brings you back to long forgotten times?

Love, M.


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