The Wrath of a Kitten

She might look cute, that little fur ball of ours,
But trust me, you don’t won’t to get on her bad side!

This pillow did something to offend her, and look what happened to him

Of course the kitten plays innocent and claims she had nothing to do with it.

‘But look at me, I’m cute, I’m wearing a ribbon, I wouldn’t hurt a fly’

Of course we all know better, above mentioned pillow was last seen unharmed last night while kitten was fast a sleep and cuddling it. Love and hate people, two sides of the same coin.
Also, the kitten hunts down flies for fun, you can’t trust someone that can bribe you by purring and nuzzling.

She might look cute, but take a look at those claws!

And watch your back, you never know where she has set up her next ambush.

‘Don’t take pictures of me, I’m pretending to be invisible and am planning on jumping at your legs and scaring hell out of you later’

Side note: no pillows were intentionally hurt in the making of this post 😉

Love, M.


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