Look Who’s Visiting!

Shocking discovery today:  there’s meat lying around in my house…

Now why on earth would there be meat lying around in your house, some of you might think… this leads me to the second discovery of the day:

I have a visitor!!

She’s doing a fairly good job trying to hide, but yeah, that’s the sister over there.

My sister, in Leuven, in my apartment, cuddling my stuffed dog on my couch.


She slept in while I meditated, did yoga and managed to create a real life flood in the kitchen, took pictures of the above mentioned dog, helped doing groceries, went to English literature with me  and even was kind enough to make dinner while I was sweating my bootie off at an aerobics class (more abs stuff too, more burn!).

Pea soup 

Hotdog for the carnivore 

Salad for the vegetarian girl

Now I’ll probably fall asleep while she’s watching a movie or something, seems like I’m the little kid around here and not the other way around 😉

Love, M&D.


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