Make Every Day Worthwhile

Wake up before dawn, watch the sun set on a morning walk
Eat chocolate for breakfast

Go for a run
Wear something colourful
Tell people you love them, but only if it’s true
Throw a party

Invite friends over for dinner
Watch your favourite movie
Dress up and do your hair
Make time for tea

Smile to strangers, be nice to the people you know
Be helpful
Do something unexpected, get out of your comfort zone
Bake a cake and eat it

Go on a road trip
Cuddle a cat/dog/rabbit (whichever flows your boat)
Light candles
Play with children and blow bubbles

Wear high heels
Buy flowers
Bake cupcakes and hand them out to your friends
Dye your hair 

Write someone a letter (and sent it via mail)
Listen to beautiful music

Enjoy every moment, make every day worthwhile,
Love, M. 

2 responses to “Make Every Day Worthwhile

  1. I love the colours and the textures, really captivating photography.

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