Snacking on the Go

With a hectic work/class schedule it isn’t always easy to find some time to enjoy a snack.
Vending machines and fast food options don’t make it any easier to opt for healthy options when you’re in need of a little something on the go.

Here are some healthy snacks that are quick and easy to prepare, easy to transport and practical to eat without a lot of fuss and messiness.

1. Fruit and Veggies

Simple, easy, transportable and full of vitamins and energy, what more do you want from a snack?
And it’s not just apples and carrot sticks that can be labelled as quick and easy, you can also make a fruit salad and bring it with you in a container with a lid or an array of  chopped veggies with dips on the side.

2. Yoghurt

A container of yoghurt and a spoon, that’s basically all you need.
If you want it a bit more fancy you can bring little containers for your add ins: fruits, nuts, seeds, some granola, a crumbled granola bar,…
You can also make a parfait in a container with a lid (or the original yoghurt container if it’s reusable) and take it with you like that.

3. Crackers and dips

Also easy to transport: a package of crackers and a container (or multiple containers if you like some variation) with dips.

4. Trail Mix

Create your own trail mix with all your favourite nuts, seeds, dried fruits, chocolate chips…. keep it in a small container and make sure you always have it in your purse/backpack in case of a snacking emergency.

5. Granola bars

Make your own granola bars, or you can always buy some granola bars of course. Make sure they don’t have a high sugar content though, you don’t want to experience a mid-afternoon sugar dip when under the impression you actually had something that was good for you.

6. Smoothies

In addition to easy to transport, it’s also easy to consume: no mess, no need for paper towels (which I always need when I’m eating apples ;)), just drink it and done!

7. Overnight Oats or Oats Puddings

You can always bring some overnight oats in a container with a lid (make sure it can’t leak though!) as a snack.

8. Bake your own Muffins and Cookies

It’s no fun to have celery sticks as a snack when all your friend or colleagues are feasting on pastry and chocolate. You can always join in on the fun with your own, home-made and more healthy bakes.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with eating a ‘bad’ cake from time to time as well 😉

Happy snacking,
Love , M. 


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