Sushi Smiles

Today there was sushi!!

This little miracle was enjoyed after an aerobics class and a long hot shower (in that order!).
The aerobics class was a bit disappointing, it didn’t really kick my ass but on the other hand I am sure my calves are going to hate me for it in the morning (and my abs too, there’s this aerobics teacher who’s notorious for the ab – workouts  she ‘drills’ at the end of each class, oooooh the burn!!).

I love those cute soy sauce fishes!!

Here are some other things that rocked my world today:

1. über cosy socks

Dashing colours, right!
You have every right to be jealous, but wait there’s even more…

There’s a frog on them, how cool is that?! 

2. Tea!!

Still on a Jasmin kick, but I’m also enjoying white tea lately

3. Khakis


4. Fresh bread 


They have a lot of bread to choose from at the bakery in my street, good thing I was prepared for this ( good decision maker as I am ;)).
I tried the sesame bread today, so yum! Next on my ‘to try’ list: oatbread.

5. More Beautiful Vitamines

And yes, that is a cherry tomato on top of the apples, cause cherry tomatoes are that great, they can even be eaten with apples and tangerines

Also, because cherry tomatoes are that amazing, they are eaten first, as a rule

6. Breakfast for Lunch

Oatmeal with hummus for lunch on a Tuesday
a tradition in the make.

I finally was brave enough to try hummus and chocolate chips! (also some vitality mix in there)
Such bold flavours, me gusta!!

Love, M.


3 responses to “Sushi Smiles

  1. I’ve never thought about eating cherry tomatoes with fruit – I bet that would be an interesting combination. And oh.em.gee. Hummus, oatmeal, and chocolate works? I am definitely going to try this – I thought you were making a savory oatmeal for bread and misunderstood! Do you make your hummus fresh to make it sweeter?

    • It does work!! I really like it, but I can imagine not everyone will enjoy it though. I have to confess I never actually made hummus myself (I don’t own a decent food processor and I’m afraid it’ll get all lumpy and I won’t like hummus any more), time to invest in food processor!

  2. I’ve made hummus before and you can use your blender but I love the store bought flavors and I like my macro counts! I didn’t realize you were enjoying it savory so I’m even more excited because I love sweet savory combos!

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