Elegance is Overrated

Efficiency rules!
Especially when you’re looking for something quick and portable.

Or, in this case, when you already did the dishes once today and can’t be bothered by doing them a second time.

Hence: yoghurt in the yoghurt container instead of out of a fancy schmancy bowl.

It looks like an ordinary yoghurt container, right?

Greek yoghurt with a kiwi, some granola and some rice flakes.

So next time you’ve almost finished a 500gr container of yoghurt,
don’t let anyone tell you to put it in a fancy bowl, just be lazy and eat it out of the container (after the necessary pimpage of course!).

Another benefit: when you buy these 500gr containers, they come with a plastic reusable lid to close the container off (and not just a lid thingie that you can’t use again) so this is perfect to make, put a lid on and take with you as a smart snack on the go.

Love, M.


3 responses to “Elegance is Overrated

  1. I love European Fage containers – they seem more fancy then the ones we have with English on them:)

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