Not Born to Run??

I’ve been thinking about pacing lately:
I’m not a fast runner,
maybe that’s an understatement: I’m rather slow.

I could say I’d rather focus on distance than on speed, but that’s not it.

It seems like I wasn’t born to run, some would say:

I’m tiny and I have short legs
God knows my knees have been telling me for ages that I’m not born to run 😉
I have to be careful so I don’t get shin splints, cause my shins are quite sensitive I have to ice my knees every time I finish a run, or they’ll be killing me the next day and as I’m running further and further I’m experiencing muscle soreness in my right thigh.

Maybe my body is trying to tell me (just like some people) that I’m not born to run…

But that’s downright bullshit (pardon my French ;)) !!
and I know it

I can feel it in my core, I am born to run:

I love the feeling of just moving and accomplishing things
I love the air rushing past my head
I love the feeling of being alone with my thoughts
I love the places running takes me and the beautiful things I’ve seen
I love stretching and showering after the run
I love bonding with my sister on our weekend runs
I love passing nice people who want to chat with you

But most of all, I love how running makes me feel: it makes me feel strong, it makes my feel worthy, it makes my respect my body and it’s capacities

Running helped me break out from my restrictive eating habits
Running helped me built up self-esteem
Running still makes me feel good about myself every single time

So I won’t let anyone tell me I wasn’t born to run,
not even my knees!

(sorry knees, I promise to take good care of you, take it easy, ice and massage you guys, but you just can’t ask me to stop al together ;)).

And about the pacing: I could say I couldn’t care less but that would be a blunt lie, cause I want to get better and faster, but I also know that that isn’t what’s most important and everyone has his/her own capacities, you just have to learn to make the best of it with what you have right?
And maybe I am meant for distance and not for speed (kidding, just kidding 😉 )

Love, M.


6 responses to “Not Born to Run??

  1. Really like your blog- especially how you talk to your knees! 🙂

    Glad that you are an advocate of getting out there and running. Our new site – is all about getting people who wouldn’t usually go ghyll scrambling, caving, running etc out there! You are a great example of how running can help keep your mind level and happier.

    Thanks for writing and feel free to check out our blog ( and website when it launches in November.)

    Elaine @ GO Activities x

    • Well thank you, I really enjoy talking to inanimate subjects 😉
      I’ll make sure to check out the blog and the site as soon as it launches, it sounds like a great initiative!

  2. I love the quote that we are all athletes, however some of us are in training and some of us aren’t. I love how you wrote running makes you feel worthy – I feel that way too.

  3. Hope you’re keeping up the running despite your knees talking back to you! Have you ever looked into a baltic amber necklace or anklet? My right hip used to hurt after running and every now and again my knees. One of my friends was using an amber necklace for to help with their kid’s teething pain… so i thought if it worked for a toddler it could work for me, it’s not like it was all in the kid’s head.but in any event i found it to be helpful to take the edge off. and now i wear it all the time! take a look into it and keep putting those miles behind you!

    • Wow that sounds really great, I never heard of anything like it, think I’m going to have to look around a bit. I’ve been off from running for a while to spare my knees and shin (and because it was snowy and icy as hell, I can’t even walk on ice without hurting myself ;)) but I’m gradually coming back in the game now 🙂

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