Home Alone with the Sis

When you read the title you’re probably thinking about inviting all of your friends over without your parents’ permission, wild parties, lots of booze and loud music and a giant mess afterwards…

Now that you all have that mental image, here’s the real story 😉

Wild partying… yeah right, almost 😉
here’s how we spent our night home alone,
couch style

The Outfits:

Hooray for pjs and comfy sweaters!!

and fluffy slippers 😉

My sister has a penguin on her tummy, isn’t he the cutest!

The Dinner:


Dinner for the health nut: couscous with some mashed avocado and a poached egg:

I’m super excited for the lunch I’m planning with these couscous left overs so stay tuned for this recipe

Dinner for the sis, she also had a bun with chocolate sprinkles

The Snacks:

Most brilliant snack ever: soy pudding with nanas, half a weetabix and some granola

What we did?

We lit a whole lot of candles and spent 30 minutes trying to decide which film to rent, since we couldn’t make a decision we went with 2 films 😉

We just watched ‘Water for Elephants’ and now we’re going to watch ‘Red Riding Hood’ and I’m going to drink some more Jasmin Green Tea,
I’m so obsessed with that flavour!

Love, M & D!


2 responses to “Home Alone with the Sis

  1. So many questions and comments! The poached egg picture is perfect. You take a lot of great photos, but that one is literally perfect!
    Are those orange things crisps? I’ve never seen them and they look yummy – would love the name in case they are available in the states!
    Love the penguin sweatshirt! and was red riding hood any good? Interested in seeing it if it’s worth the time!

    • Wow, thank you! The orange things are crisps, they’re kind of like buggles but from another shop, I don’t belove you’ve got them in the states, they’re from an Aldi store.
      In my opinion, Red Riding Hood was quite disappointing, I had such high expectations, and you can do so much with that story, but it was just kind of sloppy and the story was all fragmented… it could have been so great 😉

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