Home, Sweet Home

So I went home today,
instead of staying in Leuven and only going back home on Friday like I always do.

I’m still not feeling very hot.
Well, in fact, I am feeling hot (and sneezy) that’s the problem 😉 . Since I only have another two hours of class on Thursday evening and nothing memorable to do for the rest of the week, I decided I’d rather sleep in my own bed and be surrounded by my family and favourite fur person than stay here all alone, feeling miserable and sorry for myself.
Or like one of my friends would say: ‘You just need a mum to take care of you now.’

On a brighter note:

I bought the sweet potato, brave as I am  (insert sarcasm here, I’ve been doubting for half an hour: putting it in the basket, putting it back again, back in the basket… the people in the shop must have thought I’d gone crazy ;)).
I tried some oats with sweet potato,  I’m sad to say that I didn’t taste a thing so I’m going to have to try that again some other time.
Food is all about heat and texture now, cause I don’t seem to smell or taste anything any more.

Also, I got hold of my sister’s soup recipe!

‘Fighting off Germs Soup’
Daphne’s recipe; for 2 people


  • half an onion
  • half a celeriac
  • leek (only the white bits)
  • a small carrot
  • 2 tomatoes
  • salt, pepper, maybe some curry
  • vegetable broth
  • olive oil
In a bit of olive oil stew all the veggies until they’re tender, add the spices, the broth and some more water. Let it cook for a while and blend everything until you have a smooth consistency right before serving.
Simple as that, and a great way to combat germs!
For now I’m going to cuddle up with a blanket and drink lots of tea.
Love, M.

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