Today’s Special: Pumpkin

Good Morning, and welcome to Mixxedtape’s breakfast bar.
Today’s specials are all in a pumpkin theme: what do you think about a Pumpkin Pie Monster for breakfast, or maybe some Pumpkin Overnight Oats?!

Yes, I’m guilty, I’m going to eat breakfast twice again today (one regular breakfast and I’m planning on having breakfast for dinner tonight, just because I can ;))

I used to say I’m not a ‘smoothie for breakfast’ person, it had something to do with drinking your breakfast and the lack of chew, so now I eat my breakfast smoothies out of a bowl and I add nuts/seeds/oats/granola…. to make it a bit crunchy.
I’m definitely a ‘smoothie for breakfast’ person now!

Pumpkin Pie Monster’

In the mix: a cup of soy milk, half a cup of pumpkin, one banana, a couple of handfuls of lamb’s lettuce, flax seed and cinnamon and nutmeg to spice it all up.
I’d highly recommend on adding a frozen banana or some ice-cubes in there,cause the iciness gives such a nice contrast to the nutmeg.

And it gets even better, I added half a teaspoon of melted peanut butter on top and it was just splendid.
Also fun: when your smoothie’s cold enough the peanut butter will get solid again and you get all these nice peanut butter chunks in your smoothie (if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about now, just try it, it’s fun and yummy!).

After the smoothie was consumed, I hit the kitchen to craft some overnight oats (with leftovers!)

‘Pumpkin Overnight Oats’

  • half a cup of oats
  • some boiling water
  • half a cup of Greek yoghurt
  • pumpkin
  • half an apple, chopped
  • almonds, chopped (I would have liked walnuts but didn’t have any, if you do have walnuts, please use them!)
  • cinnamon
  • optional: a teaspoon of brown sugar
Pour some boiling water over your oats (not too much) and let it sit for a while until all the liquid is absorbed.
In the meantime blend together the yoghurt, pumpkin, apple and nut chunks and the spices. Combine everything and pop it in the fridge overnight (or if your planning a ‘breakfast for dinner’: pop it in the fridge for a few hours).
I can’t wait for dinner!

I’ve just had a sneak peek (and taste) and the mixture has become all thick and creamy, almost batter- like. And it tastes superb (I can’t blog about it unless I know it’s edible, right? 😉 okay okay, I just wanted to taste it and needed an excuse).

Love, M.


3 responses to “Today’s Special: Pumpkin

  1. Do you read Kath’s blog ( That’s where I learned to love smoothies by eating them with a spoon, and I was wondering if the same was true for you. They really are so much more satisfying that way- I never could appreciate them before.

    • I have stumbled upon her blog in the past, but haven’t been on there for ages, good thing you mention her, I should go visit it more often! I used to really hate smoothies but now I’m eating them as a breakfast bowl I can’t get enough of them 🙂

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