Frankly dear, it’s all about your Attitude

Crappy runs happen

Sometimes it’s because you’re not hydrated enough, or ate the wrong fuel
Sometimes your breathing just isn’t great
And sometimes it’s all about your attitude!

I had a crappy run today and I have nothing to blame but my own negative attitude. Being back in Leuven I’ve had some trouble with my training schedule: I have to fit in at least one run when I’m in Leuven and I’m not really thrilled about it,  I love running in my home town but running in the city… not so much.

I can’t be bothered with running in crowded streets, having to pass wandering students on the side-walk, waiting in front of red lights…
and I definitely rather not have any of my class mates see me all red and sweaty and possibly on the verge of passing out on the side-walk.

As a solution I go running on a path that belongs to the uni students that major in sports. I usually quite enjoy it there, it’s a nice setting and when you get there early enough it’s rather deserted and peaceful.
When I got there today other runners were already on that path, and immediately Miss Negative took control:

I don’t like running with so many people around
Look at her she’s way faster, she ‘s probably going to pass me 3 times before I even finish a lap
I shouldn’t have worn these sweat pants, it’s way too hot to wear sweat pants
My breathing is totally off, I probably won’t even last for a mile
Why is that guy running in the wrong direction?
I really don’t like running in crowds
What’s up with those hills, I don’t remember seeing hills here before
Oh no, there’s another one of those athletic girls, I must look like a real goof, and why am I not wearing a cuter outfit

Negative thoughts and running, not a great combination… I ran about 3K before I decided to call it a day because I really wasn’t enjoying myself.
Instead of being whiny and upset about this all day I tried to focus on the positive sides of this run: at least I went out and got some exercise and I didn’t stop after a few steps but I soldiered on.

I also made a yummy breakfast to cheer me up a bit:

‘Quinoa Breakfast Bowl’

In the mix: Greek yoghurt with pumpkin and cinnamon, topped with leftover quinoa, banana coins and some chopped nuts. This was amazing and just what I needed to get my mind back on the positive track!

Here’s what I’ve learned from today’s run:

  • Being negative isn’t going to help you one bit, change your attitude, positive vibes will get you further
  • If I really don’t want to run with a lot of other people, I’m going to have to hit the tracks earlier, if I can’t do that I’m just going to have to deal with the crowd, no whining!
  •  Crappy runs happen, they just don’t have to affect your self-esteem and the way you feel for the rest of the day
  • Don’t feel intimidated by other runners: everyone  runs at their own tempo and has their own assets and flaws, learn to accept yours and do the best you can within your capacities
  • Every run has at least one success!
Love, M.

3 responses to “Frankly dear, it’s all about your Attitude

  1. Awww — I always miss you on Tumblr! 🙂 Some runs roll this way – remember when I had that awful run and you were so comforting? I love how honest you are and yeah, the super fast runners always get me. Here they are all guys running with their shirts off and my thought process is, “Yes, one day I will have 10% body fat and will be doing 6 minute miles too buddy!” I love your attitude though and it inspires me to be kinder to others and myself.

    • Super fast runners just aren’t good for anyone’s self-esteem ^^, I have to admit I am pretty slow but it helps just being proud of what you can do instead of being angry about stuff you can’t, there’s not much you can do about that anyway, so why bother upsetting yourself about it. I’m glad to hear my attitude inspires you to be kinder 🙂 (your post on ‘Kill them with friendliness’ was a real eye-opener for me too! I’m so glad you wrote it), it would make life a lot easier if we weren’t so hard and demanding on everyone, especially on ourselves.

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