I Scream, You Scream..

Just as yummy and refreshing as your everyday ice cream, but with more stuff in it that’s actually good for you!

And not to mention not all of the fats and sugar and artificial flavour or colour stuff.

‘Banana Soft Serve Delux’

What you’ll need to knock out ice cream cravings:

Banana soft serve made with one frozen banana (in little coins) and some splashes of soy milk (it’s up to you how solid you’d like your ice cream). Blend these two and add some chopped walnuts or chocolate chips (or both ;))
Top this with a few tablespoons of soy yoghurt (chocolate flavoured of course), some more walnuts, granola or chocolate chips.
I also use a petit beurre cookie for dipping.

Hmmm, crunchiness and ice cream

Okay now that this cooled me down a bit, I’m ready to go nap in the sun again, hope you guys are having a great weekend as well!

Love, M. 

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