It feels like a Holiday

This week my classes started again, but to be honest I’ve been feeling like I’m on a holiday all the time.

The sun is shining and it’s been 25°C for almost a week now (longer than any period of sunshine we’ve had during  our Summer break), add to this the fact that I’ve only had 4 hours of class on Tuesday and another 4 hours tonight (from 5 am to 9 am, who comes up with these kind of things?).
So actually I had two days off to just roam around in town, do some shopping, read in the park…just relaxing and doing useless stuff all week long 😉

Yesterday I had a picnic with a friend in the park with salad bowls and lots of catching up about how we’ve spent our Summer break.
Afterwards we went to see some concerts (opening of the academic year) and we watched this amazing Belgian band called ‘Balthazar’ play. We just sat outside all night and drank beer and tea (in my case). It was a lovely evening and I met lots of interesting new people 🙂

And today I sat in my pj’s, reading the list chapters in ‘Delirium’ while drinking tea till noon, and after that I had lunch with another friend.
We went to ‘de Werf’ which is a super cute and cosy student café, it’s renowned for its hot chocolate, chocolate cake en fuzzy blankets to keep you warm during the cold winter nights. No hot chocolate today though, we did have some lovely salads.

Cute pink drinks

My veggies salad with loads of green goodies and fruits! And a real yummy honey-mustard dressing.
It came with a side of bread and butter too .

My friend’s salad with bacon and feta crumbles
She didn’t want to be in the photographs so you’ll have to do with food pics 😉

We went to the park as well after lunch, just sitting in the grass and watching the leaves fall, super relaxing!
I feel like I’ve been living in the park this week!

Love, M.


2 responses to “It feels like a Holiday

  1. that first picture is absolutely stunning! glad you have time to enjoy your beautiful weather 🙂

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