Addictive Books and a Breakfast Sundae

My credit card is mad at me…

I bought my course books yesterday (expensive much!) and  I got reunited with my favourite book store ever.
So technically, credit card, it wasn’t my fault, it was a simple necessity!

My home town doesn’t have a book store of any kind, just a small library (with Dutch books only) and there are no book shops in the surroundings that sell decent English books. So after 3 months with only access to Dutch books it was so nice to finally enter a book store that sells quality English novels.

Obviously I felt the need to buy me something to read, pronto!

I’ve been searching for this book for such a long time, I was so excited when I discovered it yesterday!
Did you know that ‘Cats the musical’ is based on this little book?!

Another one of my finds, the story sounded interesting and I’m so glad I bought it! One of the best book I’ve read in ages.
It’s a dystopian love story and the story line and the writing style are amazing, I started reading it last night and only put it away when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.
Go buy it, now! 

Since I’ve been reading till way over midnight and I have my first classes today (Latin literature and English linguistics) I needed something energy boosting for breakfast.

‘Breakfast Sundae’

For this “sundae” cook half a cup of oats in a cup of milk on the stove top. Add half a sliced banana and let it simmer until it reaches the desired consistency.
For the toppings you’ll need half a container of soy pudding (I used a chocolate flavoured one), 1 t of melted peanut butter and some granola to top things of.

Of course you can use a whole container of pudding, there was still some leftover pudding from last night’s dessert in the fridge so I worked with that.

Talking about last night’s dessert, it was so simple and yummy, you should try it: mix half a container  of soy pudding with half a sliced banana and add some granola, a crumbled petit beurre biscuit and a splash of soy milk, so good!
I forgot to take a photograph, it was that good 😉

Off to my first class now,
Love, M. 


3 responses to “Addictive Books and a Breakfast Sundae

  1. I’ve never heard of that book – added to the MixxdTp Suggestion List!

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