What’s up in the Pantry

Today I’d like to show you guys the stuff that currently is hanging around in my pantry and fridge because those are the ultimate basics.
It’s the stuff I brought from home to my studio in Leuven.
I only took the essential stuff with me, the rest I’ll buy in the store today.

Pantry Stuff

First staple food I couldn’t live  without: Oats

Flax seeds for in oats, smoothies and yoghurt

Another favourite from the grain department: couscous
I also have some brown rice and whole wheat pasta in my pantry (they’re left overs from last year’s basic supplies) (not pictured)

Rice flakes and crackers with sesame seeds: for quick snackage or meals
Also take a look at my cool mini bench and stuffed dog in the background 😉

Cans of tomato purée and tuna: for mini pizzas, sandwiches and all kind of sauces


Some ‘healthy’ biscuits: quick options for a snack in between classes or when I’m in a hurry or craving something crunchy

My all time favourite biscuits: Lulu biscuits! Rather high in sugar, but so tasty
Pssst, don’t tell anyone I’m eating kids biscuits, okay? I’m supposed to be a third year literature student, very serious stuff 😉

Stash of nuts and seeds


Things I forgot to take photographs of and I’m too lazy to go shoot right now (sipping tea in bed while blogging tends to make a person lazy): *extra dark chocolate: I keep a bar of a 100 gr 74% cocoa that can easily be broken into small pieces for a chocolate fix
*dried fruits
*herbs: pepper,salt,nutmeg, oregano, basil and last but not least cinnamon

Fridge and Freezer

Still very empty, I prefer my veggies fresh 
At the very bottom: a bag of tangerines (you can hardly see ’em ;))
Bottom shelf: gala apples, home-made jelly, some butter in a funny box
Top shelf: water, my mum’s pea soup

Soy pudding and tomatoes (there are also some carrots somewhere in there..)

On the left: a bag of pumpkin for pumpkin oats and snacks
On the right: three of my Spiced Autumn Muffins (recipe is coming up soon), I was wondering if I could store them in the freezer and just defrost them and microwave them for a bit if I feel like eating one (I’ll let you know how that worked out)

On the grocery list

* Hummus and aubergine salsa
* Peanut butter (!!)
* Lamb’s lettuce
* Zucchini
* Orange Juice (I have to drink it to take my iron pills, helps to absorb the iron – Doctor’s orders cause I don’t really like OJ)
*Greek yoghurt
*Maybe some sushi for dinner tomorrow?

Do you guys make a grocery list before you go shopping or just figure out what you need while you’re at it (my mum always makes lists but forgets them, I get super annoyed when that happens cause I’m a real list freak!)

Love, M.


2 responses to “What’s up in the Pantry

  1. I love fridge posts – it’s like a woman’s purse! And I am learning how to meal plan although I always shop from a list.

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