Spread a little Love

I’m the kind of girl who likes to eat toast,
and buns with lost of seeds!

I’m the kind of girl who adores the smell of fresh bread.

I’m the kind of girl who loves bread. Period.

And I’m also the kind of girl who loves nice spreads on her bread/ toast, here’s my current top 6 of sandwich spreads:

Also note: most of this stuff is rather sugar heavy, so I don’t eat this a lot, it’s more like a treat from time to time for me.

1.Nut Butters

No need to explain this one 😉

2. Nutella

I still eat nutella from time to time, but I remember having 2 pieces of toast with nutella and a cup of milk for breakfast almost every morning when I was still in primary school

3.Home made jelly

Preferably with strawberries and if it’s on toast, with a tad of butter

Cashew butter and home made jelly, hmmm

4. Avocado and black pepper

Preferably on toast as well, I don’t have any pictures of avocado lying around at the moment, it’s sad to say but I haven’t had an avocado in ages!

5.Brown sugar or honey

Light brown version, I prefer the darker one but we’re still completely out of that one

Some more natural sugars

Just like the nutella, it’s not something I eat frequently but from time to time I love a piece of fresh bread with some butter and a teaspoon of brown sugar sprinkled on top. It’s also great on french toast.



Or biscoff biscuits of Lotus as Americans would call it. Speculaasjes are something typical of Belgium.

 I like them on my bread from time to time with a smear of ‘stroop’ (Belgian spread with apples and pears, I believe there’ s dates in this one too, I’m not quite sure though)

Do you guys have a sweet tooth as well, or do you prefer the savoury stuff?
Love, M. 


4 responses to “Spread a little Love

  1. I usually don’t have too much of a sweet tooth, so nut butters are my favorite toast spread! Love avocado on toast too, especially with a slice of tomato and salt!

  2. SAVORY!! Oh my goodness, do I love salt! Homemade breads dipped in lovely oil and fine vinegar would be my idea of heaven. 😀 Such a creative post – gets me thinking about my childhood – my mom gave me bread with butter and sugar on it too. I thought no one else ever got that:)

    • I’m going to have to try the bread-olive oil- vinegar thing, it does sound good!
      Bread with sugar and butter is something that reminds my of my grandma, it’s really nice all those childhood memories coming back just by eating a piece of bread 🙂

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