Oatmeal Failure and Cravings

As much as I’d like to say ‘anything goes with oatmeal’, sometimes there are just things that can’t be combined. Today’s ‘great idea’ for breakfast is one of those things…

‘Chocolate Avocado Oatmeal’
I bet you can tell just by reading this description what time of the month it is 😉

A teaspoon of cocoa powder, a wedge of avocado mashed in and a dollop of peanut butter on top. Epic Fail!

Sounds good right, it looks good,it even smells great but it just didn’t taste right!
At first I thought it wasn’t too bad but that was because I added a dollop of peanut butter with hazelnut chuncks on top of it and my first bite was dominated by the flavour of it. Nope, I just wasn’t feeling this combo (maybe you guys do like it, maybe it’s better with something else added?? all tips are welcome)

This is also a great example of the importance of listening to your cravings and body signals. I woke up and saw an awesome loaf of fresh bread on the breakfast table, I really wanted to eat it but ultimately convinced myself I didn’t really want it and a cup of oatmeal would do me good ( background info: I’m trying to eat less bread this month, hence the ‘avoid all bread’set of mind).
So I went for the oatmeal instead, didn’t like it, still ate half of it while convincing myself it wasn’t too bad, threw away half of it and ended up eating 2 slices of bread anyway because I was still hungry (and, surprise surprise, still craving bread).

Moral of the story: respect your cravings!

Note: I am not telling you to rob a candy store and knock yourselves out, but finding the good balance between being reasonable and listening to your body will actually make you a happier person and make it less likely for you to overeat.

If I had just listened to my body in the first place I wouldn’t have wasted food and wouldn’t have felt like I went overboard eating 2 types of  breakfast.

Love, M.


2 responses to “Oatmeal Failure and Cravings

  1. 🙂 Ahh hormones! What do you think about avocado in smoothies? I wanted to try that next but now I’m worried.
    My cravings go through the rough during TOM and I have to eat baby crisps or John goes into hiding:)

    • Damn those hormones 😉 I’m eating avocado and dark chocolate like it’s my job
      I think I’m still willing to try avocado in smoothies but just start with a little bit of it cause it has a tendency to be very overpowering even when you just use a bit of it.

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