Honey, I’m Home!

I’m back from my mini-holiday in my aunt and uncle’s ‘caravan’. I went there because a lot of things are going on at home lately, and I needed some time away from it all.
Some peace and quiet,some time to relax,some me-time.. it all sounded just right to find myself again and get everything back on tracks.

There was no internet (I guess you’ve noticed that by now), but the weird thing is I didn’t miss it at all, it was kind of liberating and relaxing.  And who needs internet when you’ve got all of this:

Lots of tea and time to read up on stuff and to meditate

A whole forest and a nature reserve to walk around as much as you want

Because it rained 85% of those 4 days I didn’t get the chance to actually go for a run in the forest,since I was scared to :
a) get lost b) get stuck in a puddle of mud with my beautiful shoes c)fall face down in the mud and /or break a leg doing so d) all of the above
So I figured it’d be best if I stuck to solid underground for the running part 😉

There was lots of stove cooked oatmeal

At dusk it was time for candlelight yoga (try it, you’ll love it!)

And last but not last, I was surrounded by all these gorgeous lakes and other gifts of nature.

I scared the hell out of some duckes when I  first discovered this, I just ran right to it, it was so amazing

Humid weather = lots of fungus

Love, M. 

2 responses to “Honey, I’m Home!

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  2. I seemed to have missed a bunch of posts – this was beautiful to read!

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