Six Hoorays for Saturday!

1. Hooray for 6km runs in the forest and watching the sun set over the lake. I had such a great tempo today, felt like I could go on forever and/or fly 🙂

Picture of the trail I followed today, taken on the 10th October 2010

The leaves had already fallen back then

2. Hooray for long hot showers and pancakes for breakfast

 3. Hooray for the most wonderful lunch I’ve had in ages

Bun with pumpkin seeds. Philadelphia with herbs, a few pieces of smoked salmon, zucchini, radishes and mixed greens. More zucchini and tomatoes on the side

I m one of those people that like open-faced sandwiches better cause they give me the feeling I can eat more, so I’ve just put the top part on for the picture
4. Hooray for afternoon naps in the backyard underneath my favourite tree
5. Hooray for Cocoa Green Monsters

Green Monster with a tablespoon of cocoa powder in a Martini glass, like a boss 😉

 6. Hooray for reading new books

Running Guide for Women on the left, book about meditation on the right

Results in:

Morning run + sunshine + Cocoa Green Monster + nap = one very happy Maxime

Hope you guys are having a splendid Saturday,
Love, M.

2 responses to “Six Hoorays for Saturday!

  1. A green monster in a bacardi cup? 😉
    And that bun looks delicious – so many seeds!

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