Morning Runs and bye bye August

This morning started off brilliant with a nice and easy 4km run while the sun had just set.

Mona enjoying some sunshine

It’s my sister’s last day of holiday and I convinced her to join me on this run.We had so much fun, I forgot how great it is to run with other people!

And I’m really proud of her as well, she doesn’t run that often but she managed to keep up with me for a good 20minutes before she turned around and went home.

The muddy ones on the right are Daphne’s, she managed to step right into a puddle

While Daphne was taking a shower, I enjoyed a mini and minimalistic Green Monster.
After my long and hot shower we decided to both have a bowl of oatmeal.

Some greens for run recovery

Oatmeal with soy milk, half a white peach, a dollop of home made jelly and some granola sprinkles

Hope you guys are having a lovely morning, enjoy the last day of August!
Love, M. 


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