Waffles galore

Since  it’s cold,grey and rainy outside and my sister almost has to go back to school (in Belgium high school kids return to school on the first of September)
I declared today waffle day.

To be honest I don’t really care for waffles
Nope, I don’t like them at all
as a sweet treat that is, when they’re disguised as breakfast I do enjoy them.

I love baking waffles however!

‘Basic Waffles’

Dough will make approximately 28 small waffles 

  • In a bowl mix together 500gr of flour,400 gr of sugar and a teaspoon of bicarbonate
  • Soften 400gr of butter and add to the flour mixture
  • Take 5 eggs: add the yolks to your flour mixture
    the whites go into a separate bowl
  •  Stir together the flour mixture, butter and egg yolks until it turns into a homogeneous dough
  • Beat the egg whites until they’re fluffy and solid
  • The final step is to gently fold the fluffy whites under your flour-egg-butter mixture. (Usually my mum has to come to the rescue at the folding part, mixing and kneading no problemo, but folding always seems to cause difficulties!)

When the dough has turned into a silky substance you’re ready to bake!

Today we opted for 3 types of waffles:
The plain ones for my dad (and they had to be well baked too, he doesn’t like his waffles doughy), some with raisins for my mum and a batch with chocolate chips for the sis
Enjoy your waffles
Love, M.

One response to “Waffles galore

  1. they are sooooooooo jummy! 😉 xx

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