Early Birds love Green Monsters… and some more berries

What to do when you wake up at half past 4 in the morning and simply can’t seem to get back to sleep?
Well, I figured I could lay around and fidget till  7 and get really upset about my inability to sleep…

or I could just jump out of bed and make the best of it!

Things you get to do before breakfast when you wake up at 4.30am:

  • get your yoga flow on in an elaborate 5 pm yoga session
  • drink a nice cuppa tea while blogging
    (morning hours really are wonderful for blogging!)
  • Start on some to do  and to read lists
  • get some quality time with your favourite fur person 🙂
Since I woke up starving I had just a little something to start my day and keep my tummy coated until it was more of an appropriate hour to have breakfast,
a  minimalistic Green Monster.I halved the portions of everything and left out the oats and fancy toppings but to give you guys an idea of what my basic version of a Green Monster would look like I’ll trow in the ‘unmodified’ version here.

‘Green Monster’
What it takes to get your greens on:
  • a cup of soy or almond milk
  • a bit of spinach
  • one ripe banana ( bonus points for a frozen one)
  • a few dashes of cinnamon
  • a couple of spoonfuls of oats (you can leave this out, but when I’m having just the monster for breakfast I like it to have a bit of consistency and it helps to keep me full a bit longer)
  • optional: a few strawberries, half of a kiwifruit,.. any fruit you like actually
  • Put everything together in your blender and blend away.

To make things extra fancy you can always have your smoothie in a bowl and add some fun toppings.

Waking up early also is a great opportunity to do some thinking about breakfast.
Lisette’s post about her quinoa breakfast  and yesterday’s berry quest left me with a sudden craving for quinoa and berries, so that’s what I worked with.
Quinoa and berry compote’

Good thing  some of the blackberries of yesterday’s quest got confiscated  for ‘breakfast or baking purposes’ 🙂
  • Measure out your quinoa (and make sure you rinse it before you cook it, otherwise it might have a bit of a ‘funky’ taste to it)
    I used 4 tablespoons
  • To get the quinoa cooking, boil it in double the amount of liquid, in this case that would be 8 tablespoons of soy milk (I always use soy milk, but you can also use a half and half mixture of milk and water or just water)
  • Get your liquid to a boil, add the quinoa and lower the fire till it’s just a simmer. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the quinoa to absorb all the liquid, you might want to stir a few times during the process
  • While the quinoa is cooking you’ve got some time to prepare a ‘berry compote’
  • I used some blackberries, some cranberries my mum stored in the freezer to make jelly and some home made strawberry- rhubarb jelly. Mix together and heat (on the stove top or if you’re lazy like me and already proud that one pot’s simmering on the stove, put it in the microwave) until you get the desired consistency
  • Get your fancy bowls out, get that quinoa in there and top with your compote, feel free to add some more fruits to it, some nuts couldn’t hurt either 😉
There is some quinoa underneath all those berries and nuts, I swear
love, M.

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