Blackberry Adventures

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a lovely little meadow near our house

Bonus points for the meadow.
It wasn’t just beautiful, it was also surrounded by blackberry bushes!

Blackberry bushes with red berries, unfortunately..

Fast forward a few weeks and add  my sister and me to this scene.

We were feeling adventurous tonight so  we decided to go out on a secret quest..

a berryquest!

We had so much fun.
Trying not to get cut by thorns and at the same time not to let berries go to waste (for the record: the ones that ended up between our molars don’t fall into the category ‘go to waste’ )

Hmm, maybe if the little sis had some bigger hands we could pick even more

Mother nature doesn’t let berry thiefs of the hook unharmed though
My sis had a not so gentle encounter with a couple of nettles.

Exhibit A

Side note: look at that super duper cute coat my sister’s wearing!!

Unfortunately we  lost some booty because we were to greedy (but hey, it’s blackberries we’re talking about, can’t have to much of those).
It is very, very hard to keep all of the already picked berries in one hand,while trying to convince other berries to leave their bushes and jump into your mouth and keeping your balance at the same time!

Some of the berries even made it to our home where they settled in a lovely little bowl. However, they only lasted for 4 minutes (on the dot), fresh berries don’t last long in our house.

Question: Do you guys have a favourite type of berries?? Black berries are my fav!!

Love, M.


4 responses to “Blackberry Adventures

  1. Aww – you and your sis are so cute! And I think someone is going to have to do a photography tutorial and share her awesome photo equipment list with me:)

    • Aww thanks, I’d say we’re pretty daft, but cute works as well 😉
      I’m going to have to disappoint you about that tutorial though, I don’t really own any fancy equipment yet, just my Sony Alpha and that’s that 🙂

  2. Beautiful pics! I love it when I discover places like that 🙂

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